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    1. Glass Cutting
    2. Glass Cutting No matter what the material, size or shape (cylindrical, flat, prismatic, spherical, rectangular or custom irregular shape), Hogxi is capable of providing glass cutting solution to your requirements.
    1. Glass CNC Machining
    2. Glass CNC Machining By usage of the most advanced glass machining equipment, Hongxi is capable of handling glass of various sizes and materials even including the toughest materials like quartz and high pressure gauge glass.
    1. Glass Strengthening & Thermal Glass Tempering
    2. Glass Strengthening & Thermal Glass Tempering Hongxi offers glass chemical strengthening and thermal tempering solutions. Tempered glass features higher strength, thermal stability and safety ...
    1. Glass Surface Processing
    2. Glass Surface Processing Parallelism and high flatness on glass substrates are significant for any glass application. Polishing is a common process used to improve the finish, flatness and surface quality of glass ...