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    1. Glass Flats
    2. Glass Flats Glass flats can be made from a variety of materials to a wide range of sizes, specifications, finishes and tolerances. Hongxi can provide various glass flats with size of 3.3mm-500mm and thickness of 0.3mm-25mm.
    1. Optical Components
    2. Optical Components Optical components fabrication requires high accuracy because even the tiniest flaw on glass will heavily influence its quality. With rich experience and expertise in optical components...
    1. Glass Tubes and Tubing
    2. Glass Tubes and Tubing Hongxi can provide various glass tubes made from high borosilicate glass or quartz glass, which are widely used in chemical industry, such as condenser pipes and other laboratory apparatus...
    1. Glass Rods
    2. Glass Rods Glass rods can be used to a wide range of instruments for the purpose of transporting or refracting light. Hongxi is able to provide glass rods made from different materials to a variety of finishes, colors ...
    1. Strengthened Glass
    2. Strengthened Glass After treated by chemical strengthening or thermal tempering processes, strengthened glasses feature higher strength, thermal stability and safety performance ...
    1. Blown Glass
    2. Blown Glass Hongxi can produce hollow glass products of different diameters, thicknesses and shapes by adjusting the molds and temperatures...
    1. Fabricated Glass
    2. Fabricated Glass In addition to common standard glass products, Hongxi can provide you with different custom fabricated glass products. We can turn all your imagination and ideas into reality!
    1. Specialty Glass
    2. Specialty Glass Hongxi provides a broad range of specialty glass including borosilicate glass, quartz glass, and micro-crystalline glass. Our micro-crystalline glass is available in two types, i.e.

Hongxi is a professional glass fabrication service provider, which was established in 2006. We adopt high-quality glass materials like high borosilicate glass, glass ceramic, fused quartz, ultra clear glass, optical glass and etc. to offer glass fabrication services, including glass cutting, glass CNC machining, chemical glass strengthening and heat tempering, glass surface processing, etc. Our specialty glass products are widely used in lightings, optical lens, home appliances, security cameras, industrial equipment, goggles, watches and clocks. Our factory is located in Shipai Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, where abundant industrial resources are aggregated. Hongxi has accumulated superior raw materials and supply channels over years of development, which allows us to provide glass components and glass fabrication services at a competitive price.